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Being Prepared for the Unpredictable Texas Weather in October

If you’ve ever lived in Texas you know one thing is certain in October – the weather is uncertain. It could still be warm enough to wear shorts and keep the AC running, or the cold weather could move in quickly and catch people off guard. You just never know what’s going to happen in October when you’re in Texas, and abnormal weather patterns are making it even more unpredictable these days. 

的 single biggest reason for the unpredictable weather in Texas is geography. T在这里 are mountain ranges on both sides of the state – the Rockies to the west and the Appalachians to the east. 它将冷空气从加拿大输送到德克萨斯州, 但也有暖空气从墨西哥湾吹来. It creates an effect w在这里 cold air and warm air are pushing against each other, and that means anything can happen with the weather when the seasons are changing. 

As an energy consumer the unpredictably can be difficult to deal with. 你应该继续吗 调节可编程恒温器 在冬天? Will high temps strain your air conditioner that’s already been constantly running for months? 

T在这里’s no way to forecast what exactly will happen this October with the weather. 的 best thing Texans can do is be prepared for basically anything. 这是如何!


不管天气如何, it will feel better inside your home if you’ve already weatherized for the winter. 夏天恒温 is something we’ve covered before with good reason – it makes a difference on your energy bills. 此外,它不需要太多的精力或金钱去做. T在这里 are even programs that can help cover the cost for some energy consumers. 

Winter weatherization is just as important in terms of preparing for unpredictable weather and reducing energy consumption. Many of the same weatherization tips apply in the winter that are used in the summer:

  • 在所有外部门周围安装防风雨条.
  • 安装扫门器.
  • 把窗户周围的裂缝和缝隙堵上.
  • 把吊扇调到冬季设置 (叶片顺时针旋转).
  • 清理或更换炉膛空气过滤器.
  • Clean out the gutters and cut back vegetation that’s near the roof or foundation.
  • 水管周围绝缘.

Taking the steps above can help protect your home from the outside elements and reduce the need to heat or cool your home so you 少用能源 不管天气如何. 


的 growing threat of hurricanes is another way the weather has become more unpredictable for Texans during October. 飓风季节一直持续到11月,而且 德克萨斯州的飓风历史悠久. 即使德州海岸没有受到直接袭击, a hurricane or tropical storm anyw在这里 in the Gulf of Mexico could bring hard rain and wind. 

的 2017 and 2021 hurricane seasons were active and caused major damage in Texas. In 2022 things were fairly calm, but you never know what can happen out in the Atlantic Ocean. 我们鼓励所有德州人去看看我们的 备灾物资清单 所以你准备好迎接暴风雨了. 还有关于 内陆地区如何应对飓风 since hurricanes can impact cities hundreds of miles from the coast. 

留意当地气象学家的预报 & 天气模式

Technology has helped meteorologists make more accurate forecasts about the weather, 但预测只能提前一周左右做出. During unpredictable Octobers it helps to keep an eye on what the local meteorologists are predicting for the week ahead. 的y’ll have a pretty accurate estimate of what to expect and may even have advice on how you can prepare for the weather that’s headed your way.

需要特别注意的是是否 El Niño或La Niña条件 会是一个因素. El Niño and La Niña are terms used to refer to the warming and cooling of Pacific Ocean waters. When the Pacific is much warmer than usual it creates El Niño conditions, 当温度低得多的时候,它被称为La Niña. Either one can have a significant impact on weather patterns and climate throughout the year. 

在德克萨斯州, 特别是在该州的北部地区, El Niño或La Niña影响秋冬天气. 在厄尔尼诺Niño期间,它往往更潮湿、更冷. But when it’s La Niña, weather conditions are usually drier and warmer. 

北极的表达 is another thing to watch out for during fall when winter is approaching because of the geography in Texas. When super cold air masses form in Alaska and Canada it can send a shot of frigid weather further south. 的 jet stream of cold air can travel down the central part of the U.S.席卷德克萨斯州并迅速降温.

买球的APP365 can help you prepare for an unpredictable October with 固定费率能源计划 这使得账单更容易预测. Getting an energy plan lined up before winter means t在这里’s one less thing to worry about as the seasons change. 

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