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Ryu Chung Hyun Mushroom

Functional Food and Mushrooms
Mushroom (Sanghwang)
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Mushroom (Sanghwang)


The name,of the Sanghwang mushroom is originated in China, which is written as 桑黃 mushroom in Chinese. The original Korean name of the mushroom is "Mokjiljinhuk mushroom". Sanghwang mushroom is usually known as a mushroom which naturally grows around the mulberry tree. However, it also grows on the trunk or branch of the old broad-leaved trees such as the morus bambycis koidz, Hemipteleia davidii, acacia, oak, chestnut, etc.

Sanghwang mushroom is one of the very rare perennial mushrooms, which belongs to the Basidiomycota and its scientific name is Phellinus linteus. As Sanghwang mushroom usually parasitizes on decades-old trees, it is hard to find and expensive. The appearance of the mushroom at its initial stage resembles a bunch of mud and when it is grown up it takes the shape of a prolonged tongue of the tree stub. That is why it is also called as Suseol, meaning "the tongue of tree".

This perennial mushroom first grows like a yellow mud clod and the yellow part turns into mud color during the winter. When the spring comes it grows an additional yellowish part. When it is boiled, it turns out to be transparent yellow or ice-blue colored soup. It is characterized by no particular flavor and taste and it is edible as it is mild and savory and has a fresh taste. Ryu, Chung-hyun medicinal mushroom has succeed in the artistical cultivation of mushroom breeding on timber (Patent of Invention No. 180097)

  • Content: 200g or 300g or 500g or 1㎏
  • Dosage:
    Put 50~70g of finely chopped Sanghwang mushrooms or one pack of ground Sanghwang mushrooms (50g) in 2,000cc of cold water. Heat them over high heat until they begin to boil then reduce the heat to low. Wait until the water boils down to 1,400cc. Remove the liquid from the heat and pour into another container.

    Add 2,000cc cold water to the ingredients and boil them again. Repeat the procedure three times then mix all soups. Pour the mixed mushroom soup (3,000~4,000cc) into a glass container and keep it in the refrigerator. Drink 100-150㏄ of it (about the size of a cup of coffee) three times a day. You can use glassware for boiling or simply use a herb extractor.

    Do not dispose of the remaining mushrooms boil it 2 or 3 times to drink as a substitute for mineral water or barley tea.

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