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你准备好迎接一个异常寒冷的冬天了吗? In some parts of the country, seriously cold weather is a guarantee in the winter. 但还有其他地区的冬季天气不太确定. In those areas, people are more likely to get caught off guard by cold weather. 

This year El Nino could cause winter to feel a little different than it normally does. Typically, El Nino conditions keep the polar jet stream from flowing down from Canada into the U.S. This causes the winter to be warmer than normal up north, but down south it’s a different story. Subtropical jet streams from the Pacific Ocean tend to flow across the southern states making it wetter, which makes it feel unusually colder across the south from California to Texas. 

如果你在美国的下半部分准备过冬.S. 为潮湿的天气做好准备是个好主意, 寒冷的天气会影响能源消耗和家庭舒适度. 


如果你的家是用天然气或你的 电力是由天然气产生的在美国,你很有可能会看到价格在冬季发生变化. 天然气价格容易波动, which means the rates can increase or decrease basically anytime due to a number of 影响天然气市场的因素. 影响供需的一个重要因素是天气.

这之间是有关联的 厄尔尼诺现象和南部比正常温度更冷特别是从德克萨斯州到佛罗里达州. The El Nino of 2018-2019 ushered in one of the worst winter storms to hit the south, 这是有记录以来最潮湿的冬天. California and the southwest are less impacted unless it’s a strong to moderate El Nino. 在这种情况下, the entire southwest region could experience a winter that’s harsher than normal. 

因为天然气被用来给家庭供暖 供暖费用比制冷费用高, natural gas rates generally go up in the wintertime when it’s colder. 温度越低,速率越高. 如果有一场有大量降水的冬季风暴, 这可能会影响产量,进一步推高天然气价格.  

In the south, increases in natural gas prices usually aren’t as noticeable compared to up north. However, 在厄尔尼诺冬季,情况可能正好相反, so be prepared for higher natural gas rates if you have a variable rate energy plan. 


There’s not much you can do about electricity and natural gas rates beyond 转换能源供应商. However, there are ways to reduce energy use in the winter and get help paying your utility bills. Since the 厄尔尼诺现象的影响在冬季最为强烈 between December and February, now is the best time to get prepared.


Everyone can benefit from preparing their home for cold weather so that less energy is used. Below are some things you can do to keep it comfortable at home without increasing electricity and gas use. 

  • 为冬天做好准备. These 德州冬季防寒小贴士 对整个南方的家庭有用吗.
  • 拿出额外的毯子、睡袋和毛衣. Adding a warm layer is an easy way to avoid increasing the temperature on the thermostat. 
  • 在秋季处理炉子,壁炉和暖通空调的维护. 
  • Hang heavy curtains that can be opened when there’s direct sunlight and closed the remainder of the day. 
  • 要特别注意你的操作方式 使用天然气最多的电器,比如热水器. 
  • 准备好冬季防寒用品; 
    • 沙子,猫砂或盐
    • Snow shovel
    • Ice scraper
    • 手持电台
    • Flashlight
    • 额外的电池
    • Bottled water
    • 罐头食品和开罐器
    • First aid kit

People across the south and southwest should also prepare for weather that’s wetter than normal this winter since El Nino is a factor. Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have found that 厄尔尼诺影响降水 比温度更稳定. Strong to moderate El Ninos almost always bring higher than average precipitation across the southern regions of the U.S. 加上比平均温度更冷的温度, 下冻雨的可能性更大, 雨夹雪甚至下雪. 冬季风暴的可能性也更大. 

在加州和西南部的大部分地区,雨水通常更多, 但这并不一定等同于更多的雪. If the temperatures stay relatively normal then it will simply rain, 这对春天的水储备没有多大帮助.

Because there’s a very high likelihood that winter will be wetter than normal, 提前准备是个好主意. One of the most important things to do is make sure there’s good drainage on your property. Also, look out for low spots where water could puddle and turn to sludge or ice. Lastly, cut vegetation back so that nothing is touching your home or hanging over the roof. 


The next thing to look into is programs that provide assistance with energy costs. There are a number of programs offering a variety of energy-related assistance, including:

  • 帮助改善家庭环境,减少能源消耗.
  • 支付水电费的经济援助.
  • 使支付能源费用更容易的付款计划. 

These programs are available at the federal, state and local level. Most federal assistance is administered by state housing and energy agencies, 他们也有自己的特别节目吗. On the local level you may be able to find assistance from the city or county as well as non-profits, 你的公用事业和零售能源供应商. 

It’s important to explore the options before energy costs become a financial burden. While some people may not meet the qualifications for some programs, there’s a good chance you can at least work with your energy provider to make payments more manageable during the winter. 

No matter what happens this winter, 买球365 is here for you and ready to help. Our fixed rate energy plans make natural gas prices more predictable, and you don’t have to worry about increases if the weather gets colder. 我们也有资源可以帮助你 今年冬天能耗降低 找人帮你付水电费. 

找出哪些买球365计划在你的地区是可用的 搜寻能源计划 只需输入邮政编码,几秒钟就能搞定.

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